If you're going to play paintball, your first purchase should be goggles - even before you buy a marker! All goggles are NOT created equal, and everyone has their opinion on what is best. Both paintballers and airsoft players agree that fogging can and does happen on all goggles, but not when you apply FogDoc. You can't hit what you can't see, so get the FogDoc advantage!

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If you are going to ride, you need an approved helmet and face shield. When your vision is blurred for any reason, you are at risk! Worry about your placement in the race or that extra air off the jump - not whether you can see through your steamy lens. Apply FogDoc and reduce your stress, improve your safety, and climb the podium!

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Winter Sports

Got Snow? Maybe you love the half pipe at 8am Tahoe, or maybe you're snow shoeing in Utah with family. Exercising in the cold feels great, but your biggest obstacle to enjoyment can be your fogged lenses! On goggles or glasses, apply FogDoc to see the lip of the pipe or the trail ahead.

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Stockcar drivers, street racers, truckers, delivery crews - all of them are driving towards the goal. Nothing can slow you down like blurry windshields, but FogDoc helps everyone in the drivers seat. When that old defroster can't keep up or you are in extreme conditions where coming in second is not an option, apply FogDoc and know that you will see it all!

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Police, Military, Fire, Construction, Welders - the list goes on and on. YOU work hard to do your job for others, and not seeing clearly in an emergency is unacceptable. Not seeing clearly can put you and others in harms way. Whether it be glasses, masks, welding hoods, shields or whatever protects your sight, FogDoc will keep you clear and fog free so you can continue to work hard!

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Here at FogDoc Industries, we're constantly looking for problems that require a fog-free solution. Feedback is the most important part of our business, so tell us what YOU are using FogDoc for!

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FogDoc Jars

The re-sealable jars of FogDoc that you have grown to love. Long lasting, multi-use size of the product that keeps you view fog free, dust free and FogDoc clear! “Your Prescription for Clarity!”

FogDoc Multi-Use Cleaner

You know FogDoc antifog, NOW meet FogDoc Multi-Use Cleaner! Great for everyday, all day cleaning needs. Did you come off the field with a goggle shot, or maybe some mud on your lens from the track? Now, hit it with a blast of our cleaner and wipe it off and get back to having fun! For best results use with FogDoc Anti-Fog!

FogDoc Total Clean System

Now you can have our entire cleaning system to give you the Prescription for Clarity! In this package you get it all! Package includes a pro optical wipe, a jar of FogDoc antifog and a bottle of our daily use cleanser! Now you can have the best of the best in vision clarity, brought to you by FogDoc.

Professional Grade Optical Cloths

These are the best of the best! If you are going to see clearly with FogDoc, why not polish after your application with our professional grade optical polishing microfiber suede? These are great for your glasses, camera lens, binoculars, LCD screens, masks, mirrors and more! These come in 8 x 8 convenient sized cloths.

16×16 Total Detail Towel

You love the Pro Wipes? NOW you can detail anything!!! If you are going to see clearly with FogDoc, why not polish after your application with our professional grade optical polishing microfiber suede? These are great for your larger items like bathroom mirrors, car detailing and windshields, flat screen tvs, and more! These come in 16 x 16 super absorbent sized cloths.

5″ x 8″ Electronics Wipe

You’ve loved our optical wipes. Now we have a smaller version that is perfect for daily use on your smartphone, tablet, monitor, and more. These are great for your glasses, binoculars, LCD screens, masks, mirrors, and more! These come in 5 x 8 convenient sized wipes and work better than anything.

Total Detail Towel

When you have a BIG job, you want a BIG towel! You can polish your car, boat, HiDef TV, monitor, marker and more. These come in 16 x 16 size and can be washed and reused.

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